Saturday, January 10, 2015


I might be coming back with more regularity.  Two years is long time away...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Slow Start to Spring

Two weeks at her new home and less than 400 miles on the odometer.  I'm telling myself that it's due to the slow start to Spring that central Ohio is getting this year.  The lawn has been cut twice in that same time, but I've only enjoyed one day trip on the Road Glide.  Let's hope that doesn't become a habit.

The news events of the past week have been saddening: the Boston Marathon bombings and the factory explosion in West, Texas. The news of the death and capture of the suspected bombers does nothing to lift my spirits.  I'm glad they have been apprehended but I cannot celebrate their demise or capture.  My thoughts and prayers are still with the victims and their families, not for the two brothers that caused so much pain.

And then I learned that as many as 12 bodies have been found in West, Texas, presumably, those of first responders.  What a loss to the small community of West, Texas. 

I still have not decided on a name for my new lady.  I anticipate a long relationship, so choosing a name, if done at all, requires due consideration. 

Ride Safe!

Doug C

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Farewell to Lady

      For five seasons I have enjoyed the company of a fine Lady logging more than 50,000 miles, a few heart aches, and more fond memories than I could ever find the time to share.  The Lady was a 2007 C50T and yesterday she went to a new home.  I know that she will continue to provide good times for her new owner.

    Lady moved on because I have a new interest in my life.  Oh, I'm not putting away my riding gloves, yet.   Over the years, the lady with whom I share a bed, has made it clear to me that while Lady was a great first bike, she lacked certain amenities, amenities like a seat as comfortable as a Lazy Boy.  That's one of the reasons why my new interest is a 2013 Road Glide Ultra similar to the one pictured above.

   The new bike is approximately 350 pounds heavier than Lady, but you couldn't tell by the way she handles.  It has such a low center of gravity I barely need to shift my weight for "U" turns.  The air ride suspension turns even the most washboard road to new pavement.  However, the feature that my life long lady appreciates most is...  the radio/sound system.  It's almost as if she would rather listen to music than hear what I have to say.  I can't blame her, I know I would. 

More later.  Ride Safe!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

I saw this posted by a friend about my town and had to share it. Rule #17 - Never take yourself too seriously.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Portsmouth Murals

Our first group ride of the season was cancelled due to cold crappy weather. That was a month ago and the weather had not improved much since then with only four days of partial sunshine. By any Ohio standards, that’s a crappy spring. So when the call came saying the ride was on, I was glad.

Our destination was Portsmouth, Ohio, home of Shawnee State University and the famed Portsmouth flood wall murals. It’s a 3 hour journey from Newark by the most direct route, but we’re riding motorcycles – we never take the most direct route! We meandered th

rough Lancaster, Tarlton, Kingston, and Chillicothe. We passed through Summithill, Rarden, and Otway, skimming the edge of the Shawnee State Forest and approaching Portsmouth from the west.

This guy in Lancaster had something to say. The human said nothing.

A bicycle ralley with over 10,000 riders had the same destination - Portsmouth.

The flood wall murals, also referred to as The Mural Project are painted on the street side of a 20 foot high flood wall that runs along Front Street for over 2,000 feet and is designed to protect the city from the Ohio River. The wall was built after the famous 1937 flood that crested at over 70 feet and left many river front buildings with first floors full of water and mud and second floor watermarks half way up the walls.

The murals depict the 200 plus year history of Portsmouth and are the work of one artist, Robert Dafford of Lafayette, Louisiana. While the wall has been around for decades, the painting started in 1993. Painting continues even today with at least two blank walls being prepared for a scene while we were there. The work is impressive.

My friend, John.

The guys of the group. The girls were taking the pictures.

See all the ride photos here.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

If there is one thing I have learned during my time on this Earth it is this: Life is full of surprises. We’ve all heard this old adage, but sometimes it takes many seasons to fully realize it. In an odd twist of Providence, the company that was instrumental in causing my unemployment 10 weeks ago offered me a job that I began on May 2nd.

The work consists of much of the same duties as with my former employer. However, I am working with new technology and am part of a team of administrators for a large company. The team part means there is less responsibility upon my shoulders. The large company part means when things break the costs are greater. It seems like an even trade.

The work is challenging because, while it is the same type of work (administrating a computer network and assisting users) the technology is many years newer than I have worked with in the past. Compounding this learning curve is the fact that all but one of my co-workers is much younger than I am; at least a couple of decades younger.

But, I am up for the challenge. Although my body may have a few more aches and pains than these young, fresh-out-of-college, whipper-snappers, I am young at heart and rubbing elbows with them helps to feel younger.

Now, if it would only warm up and stop raining long enough for a decent motorcycle ride…

Enjoy the Journey!

p.s. We were able to ride to Portsmouth, Ohio last weekend. More about that journey soon.